I was fortunate to return to the UK from 7 months abroad during a summer filled with fantastic marketing campaigns. Here are the top three that caught my eye:

3. Panasonic’s #Superfans campaign

I really admire well executed user-generated content campaigns. Coming up with an idea that will spur social media users into action can be a real challenge. It is undoubtedly a lot easier to encourage fans to like or comment on pre-existing content than inspire them to take a photo or make a video themselves and share the results.

You therefore need to find a new and exciting way to inspire and energise your fan base. The result can be absolute social media gold – content that is more powerful at communicating your message because it is user-generated and a campaign that can run and run.

Panasonic made the most of its Olympic partnership agreement this summer and launched its #Superfans campaign to run during Rio 2016.


The campaign capitalised on the British public’s desire to show their support for Team GB in a public way and so users responded in abundance. There are some great examples on the dedicated #Superfans website.

2. Airbnb’s ‘Live There’ campaign amplification

Having circumnavigated the globe this year, I am now an avid fan and frequent user of Airbnb. I loved the company’s adverts with the message, “Don’t go there. Live there” which inspired travellers to rent apartments or stay with locals to get a richer experience than they may find in a conventional hotel.

So, it’s no surprise that I was excited to see Airbnb taking this campaign one step further over the summer with a pop-up experience in Shoreditch.

Airbnb house

‘The five storey townhouse in East London has been transformed inside and out to welcome travellers from all over the world, and all they have to do is ring the doorbell to join in and get a taste of local London,’ say Airbnb

Coined ‘The #LiveThere House’, the pop up generated plenty of national PR coverage for the brand and, I’m sure, some warm fuzzy feelings from the Londoners who got to enjoy the experiences for free.

1. British Airways #GreattobeBAck

It’s no surprise really that my third and final pick is yet another Olympic campaign.

The simplicity of this British Airways ‘stunt’ is what made it so brilliant in my opinion. While I’m sure the operation of seamlessly flying home that many high-profile athletes was anything but straightforward, there were three very clear and incredibly strong main elements:

  • The gold nose cone of the jumbo – great for photo editors and social media content curators alike
  • The public vote to name the plane ‘victoRIOus’ – clever, catchy and engaging
  • Athletes tweeting #GreattobeBAck and sharing photos from the flight
BA plane

Source: BritishAirways.com

Well done, BA, on a brilliantly executed campaign.

Have you seen any other examples of exceptional PR or marketing campaigns this summer? Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you to all of my loyal readers who have been patiently waiting for normal service to resume on this blog.

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This blog will be going a bit quiet next year as my husband and I embark on a 7 month adventure to travel the world.


We’ve set up a brand new blog which we’ll be adding photos and anecdotes to as regularly as we can (wi-fi permitting). You can find and sign up to follow this blog by clicking here.

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During one of this weekend’s many X Factor ad breaks, a short clip featuring the hashtag #OnTheMoon sparked much excitement on Twitter as people began speculating that this could be the first glimpse of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert.

Source: independent.co.uk

Source: independent.co.uk

The link has not yet been confirmed but we won’t have to wait long to find out whether it is John Lewis’s latest offering as their new Christmas ad will be aired in full for the first time at 8am this Friday (6th November).

If the #OnTheMoon preview was orchestrated by John Lewis, this could turn out to be one of the most effective teaser campaigns of all time.

Pop stars have been very successfully utilising the technique for some time now to build excitement around new single and album launches to maximise first week sales.

Taylor Swift used Instagram to tease her “1989” album last year in a highly visual way. The songstress revealed new lyrics each day in her own handwriting, offering fans a highly personal insight rather than an obviously label-led campaign.

Source: Twitter.com/taylorswift

Source: Twitter.com/taylorswift

Back in May 2014, Coldplay brilliantly combined online and offline communications for a teaser of their “Ghost Stories” album. They hid lyrics from their new tracks in libraries across nine countries and used Twitter to lead fans to them.

Source: Twitter.com/coldplay

Source: Twitter.com/coldplay

Have you seen any other teaser campaigns that you think can beat Taylor Swift and Coldplay? Let me know in the comments below.

Playboy, the magazine famous for provocative poses and nude centrefolds, has – rather shockingly – announced a ban on full nudity on the pages of its magazine.


The publication has already made the change on its website and seen an incredible leap of almost 12 million unique users a month as a result. But will its offline readership respond in the same way?

“You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.” – Scott Flanders, Playboy’s chief executive, told the New York Times

Is Playboy taking a huge gamble by moving away from what it is primarily known for or is it simply, as Flanders claims, “the right thing to do”?

In truth, it seems to be a well-considered, smart decision. The new style photography is said to be taking inspiration from Instagram so there is certainly an awareness of the vogue and an eagerness to adapt accordingly.

Enlightened evolution or brand abandonment? The sales will soon show.

Twitter is a wonderful tool for discovering new blogs and articles that you may not have found otherwise, but sometimes a busy feed can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss links to great content.

So, for anyone looking for inspiration, the 3 social media blogs which receive the most visits from me each month are…

Source: Marketingmagazine.co.uk

Source: Marketingmagazine.co.uk

1. We Are Social

I love We Are Social’s Monday Mashups and often share these on my Twitter feed.

Whether your main interest is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or discovering exciting new platforms, these concise but oh-so-timely round-ups are always worth a read.

They’re also great inspiration for sentences starting with, “Did you know..?”

2. Econsultancy

Another common recipient of a retweet from @beccajhills, the Econsultancy blog is always packed full of interesting new posts on social media, digital marketing, ecommerce and more.

Like this post, in fact, many of their headlines hint that they will reveal the ‘Top 100…’, ‘Five best…’  and so on which makes identifying ones with relevance (and ones you have time to read) that much easier.

Their ‘Posts trending now’ section is also worth a glance if you’re short on time.

3. Marketing Magazine

Yes, I know this isn’t strictly a ‘blog’ but the Social Media section on Marketing Magazine’s website is a great resource.

If you have a keen interest in ‘big brands’, like me, then you’ll find intelligent analysis on the social media campaigns of Nike, Disney and Amazon (to name but a few) and industry developments, as well.

So there you have it, my top 3. Which others would you recommend? Feel free to comment below.

Sometimes a campaign works because it is beautifully simple. Sometimes a campaign works because it is outrageous and brave. And sometimes a campaign works because it is clever, inspiring and makes people really want to be part of it

This week, my interest was piqued by shops ‘losing’ letters from their signs and Twitter users dropping them from their handles. Nando’s became , Mothercare became and many, many others followed suit.

Source: blood.co.uk

Source: blood.co.uk

The national press and everyone on Twitter was talking about it and trying to find out why so many people were getting involved. This, for me, is the sign of a truly great campaign.

Getting people to sit up and take notice in this age of constant interruptions and 24/7 news is difficult, to say the least, and this made people do just that.

The Metro explains a bit more about the thinking behind the campaign:

The lack of letters isn’t down to a national spate of vandalism, rather a pretty good PR campaign by the NHS.

The health service has been removing As, Os and Bs to help raise awareness of National Blood Week.

#MissingType was launched in a bid to replace more than 204,000 donors who cannot give blood any more.

A huge well done to the NHS and the team behind this one. Let’s hope the press and social media interest translates into much-needed new blood donors.


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