Reactive advertising at its best

Have you heard of reactive advertising?

If you’re tuned in to the news agenda, know what’s making people tick and have a natural capacity for creating shareable content, it’s something well worth looking in to.

This “Don’t be sorry” example by Virgin Holidays certainly made me sit up and take note.

Recognising an opportunity to show customers they have a great sense of humour, the brand scored major points with this clever piece of advertising.

How Three reacted – assuming they’ve seen it – we obviously don’t know, but it just shows what a bit of awareness, quick thinking and a sense of humour can do for you. I’ll bet more than a few people have shared this photo… I can’t imagine a regular billboard would have got the same response.

For more great examples of reactive advertising, have a read of this entertaining piece from The Whip: 5 top examples of reactive marketing