Top 3 PR silly season stories

It’s the same every year. As August arrives, PR professionals are given a rare opportunity to give some strange stories the hard sell – survey results that don’t reveal an awful lot, food that looks like other things, even bizarre animal behaviour gets a moment in the spotlight.



Dubbed ‘Silly Season’ by the PR world, while most of the country takes a break, a select few journalists are left searching for stories to fill their papers with. With a lack of stories being submitted, it sometimes means that those which wouldn’t normally stand a chance suddenly get surprising amounts of column inches.

My top 3 silly season stories are:

3. Nude flash mobs – Want a sure-fire way to get into the tabloids? Go nude! Everyone can remember at least one example in this category.  The one that no-one’s quite measured up to (in my opinion) has to be the Calendar Girls. An inspiring story and fantastic PR surge raised a lot of money for leukemia research – and continues to do so year after year. It even netted a movie deal.

2. Food art – Yes, making things out of food somehow continues to translate into column inches for some brands during silly season. That said, you can’t help but admire Flake for this edible Ascot hat.

1. Celebrity lookalikes – This type of PR stunt has certainly been the big thing this year. Poor Wills and Kate have been the hot subjects lately and this lookalike PR stunt from Poundland was particularly memorable (for all the wrong reasons).

What are your favourites?