Top 3 social media blogs to follow

Twitter is a wonderful tool for discovering new blogs and articles that you may not have found otherwise, but sometimes a busy feed can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss links to great content.

So, for anyone looking for inspiration, the 3 social media blogs which receive the most visits from me each month are…

1. We Are Social

I love We Are Social’s Monday Mashups and often share these on my Twitter feed.

Whether your main interest is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or discovering exciting new platforms, these concise but oh-so-timely round-ups are always worth a read.

They’re also great inspiration for sentences starting with, “Did you know..?”

2. Econsultancy

Another common recipient of a retweet from @beccajhills, the Econsultancy blog is always packed full of interesting new posts on social media, digital marketing, ecommerce and more.

Like this post, in fact, many of their headlines hint that they will reveal the ‘Top 100…’, ‘Five best…’  and so on which makes identifying ones with relevance (and ones you have time to read) that much easier.

Their ‘Posts trending now’ section is also worth a glance if you’re short on time.

3. Marketing Magazine

Yes, I know this isn’t strictly a ‘blog’ but the Social Media section on Marketing Magazine’s website is a great resource.

If you have a keen interest in ‘big brands’, like me, then you’ll find intelligent analysis on the social media campaigns of Nike, Disney and Amazon (to name but a few) and industry developments, as well.

So there you have it, my top 3. Which others would you recommend? Feel free to comment below.