The rise of ‘considerate marketing’ – is being nice good for business?

I was impressed to receive a marketing email from flower delivery company Bloom & Wild offering me the chance to opt-out of receiving their Mother’s Day marketing emails. Acknowledging that this can be a ‘sensitive time for some of us’ struck me as not only a kind move but a smart one, too.

And it seems I’m not the only one…

Bloom & Wild’s Mother’s Day opt-out has been picked up by national media ranging from The Independent to Grazia and Good Housekeeping, all of whom have praised the company for its thoughtfulness and encouraged others to follow suit. In fact, I’ve already seen at least one other high street store now doing the very same thing in the past few days.

As you’d expect, the opt-out invitation has also resulted in a ground-surge of appreciation from customers on social media.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 09.58.57

It’s heartening to see that a company doing something that feels intrinsically ‘good’ is being recognised and held up as an example for others. I hope to see even more examples of ‘considerate marketing’ like this in the near future.

Have you seen any other companies putting their customers’ feelings at the forefront? Please share them in the comments below.