No more nudes. Is Playboy abandoning its brand?

Playboy, the magazine famous for provocative poses and nude centrefolds, has – rather shockingly – announced a ban on full nudity on the pages of its magazine.

The publication has already made the change on its website and seen an incredible leap of almost 12 million unique users a month as a result. But will its offline readership respond in the same way?

“You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.” – Scott Flanders, Playboy’s chief executive, told the New York Times

Is Playboy taking a huge gamble by moving away from what it is primarily known for or is it simply, as Flanders claims, “the right thing to do”?

In truth, it seems to be a well-considered, smart decision. The new style photography is said to be taking inspiration from Instagram so there is certainly an awareness of the vogue and an eagerness to adapt accordingly.

Enlightened evolution or brand abandonment? The sales will soon show.