Why ‘big’ work projects are usually the best

Sometimes a project comes along at work that you know is going to be BIG – and those are usually the most exciting ones because they mean you can really get stuck in and achieve a huge amount.

My most recent one of these was called the Elephant Parade, a charity art exhibition involving artists, celebrities and giant elephant statues.

From local school liaison to social media teasers, content creation, a substantial PR campaign and all of the logistics of bringing these fantastic pieces of art into the centre, it was a complex but very rewarding project.

Have a look at the highlights video (and see if you can spot me). I’m so proud of this one, I just had to share it!


The World Cup wonder app that’s as addictive as the game

England may be on the brink of an embarrassingly early exit from the World Cup, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’ll be switching off the football any time soon.

This year’s World Cup seems to be more addictive than ever thanks, in no small part, to social media.

I downloaded the official FIFA World Cup app at the start of the tournament and it’s one of the best sporting apps I’ve seen. My favourite bits are the ‘Statistics’ and ‘Social’ tabs which both offer a wealth of fascinating facts (if you work in PR, you’ll completely understand the appeal of a strong statistic).

Whether you want to know which player’s had the most attempts on goal (Neymar, so far), the average number of passes per match (currently 780), tweets per minute (23) or an individual player’s social ranking (Lampard’s on top, surprisingly), this app has got it all. Trust me, if you love statistics you’ll be in seventh heaven.

I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the app and hoping everything that needs to happen for England to make it through somehow does by the end of next week. Come on England (and Italy, since so much is riding on your results, too)!


Pushing the boundaries of copywriting

I’ve been writing marketing copy professionally for quite some time now, so I decided to enrol on the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Advanced Copywriting course to see what new skills I could learn and how I could develop my work further.

While it was a good course, it wasn’t as ‘advanced’ as I’d expected. Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise as it gave me the chance to see how far I could push myself – and the boundaries of the practical tasks – rather than staying within my usual comfort zone. So…

  • A case study about low-carbon product implementation (yes, really) became a story about men who wanted to become superheroes and save the world. It was all about going green, after all
  • Straightforward ad copy became an opportunity to play with three-part patterns and alliteration
  • And web copy gave me a chance to try out different writing personalities and re-write the same content in a multitude of styles

It may not have been the course I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t a waste of a day.

Sometimes, taking time out to simply experiment is exactly what you need. It helped me remember that pushing the boundaries isn’t just a way of improving your work, it can also be a lot of fun.