What’s the best training course for PR professionals?

I have a confession: I love CPD. If I know I have a training course coming up, I genuinely look forward to it. No matter how much other work I have on, I almost always see the value in taking the time to develop new skills.

I may feel this way because I’ve attended some genuinely great courses during my career. It may also be that I’ve somehow managed to avoid the worst. Either way, continuing my education in any way possible has always felt important to me.

A few years after I graduated, I really started to miss learning. Studying for my Literature degree was hard work but it was also inspiring and I wanted to feel that again. So, I enrolled in the CIPR Professional PR Diploma course. On reflection, this may have been a bit extreme as it meant I had to juggle a full-time job with face-to-face tuition, 10+ hours of self-study each week and writing four assessment papers. It also took a full year.

I’m proud to hold a post-graduate qualification but I can’t see myself signing up for anything that intensive again. Instead, I’m always on the lookout for after-work seminars and free webinars. I also take full advantage of the training budget available to me each review cycle.

For me, the best courses I’ve attended in recent years have been:

  1. How to be an inspiring storyteller – Berkeley Story Academy
  2. Effective people management – Chartered Institute of Public Relations

The first really refreshed my copywriting and helped me re-connect with my first boss (he runs the course); the second helped me develop my own leadership style and taught me a lot about how I like to be managed, too.

What are the best courses you’ve attended lately? And, if you’re feeling brave, what are the worst? Let me know in the comments!