Turning customer contact into PR gold

Once again, I have to applaud the the PR team at Virgin Trains. They really know how to spot an opportunity and turn it into a winning story, as demonstrated this weekend:

Virgin trains

They clearly haven’t forgotten the rewards of publicly going over and above for their customers…

Virgin trains eg

The story of the new menu reminded me of the time Sainsbury’s grabbed headlines by changing the name of their “Tiger Loaf” to “Giraffe Loaf” on the advice of a three-year old girl.

The foresight to realise that doing so would be a great story resulted in a viral hit and a huge amount of positive PR coverage on BBC, Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Sun… the list goes on and on.

So, make sure you have a good relationship with your customer service team and ask them to let you know if they receive any ideas from your customers that you could make a reality. Beyond making that one person happy (and most likely a customer for life), the story could bring big rewards for you in PR terms.