“I don’t feel festive until I’ve seen the Coca-Cola Christmas advert”, said one of my friends. Another has the song as their ringtone.
Year after year, people go to visit the truck on its tour around the country to have their picture taken with it. There’s even a dedicated hashtag this year: #holidaysarecoming.
The power of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert is immense. The year that they tried to run an alternative, there was uproar.
So, has Coca-Cola created the blueprint for advertising gold, or will it be stuck with the same old advert for years to come with no hope of changing its message or reaching out to a new audience? Personally, I hope it’s still shown every year for as long as TV exists!

How to use PR power for good, not evil

A group of six PR professionals, including myself, have formed a PR Council to voluntarily support and advise a fantastic charity called Create.

Our aim is to help the charity (which uses creative arts to transform the lives of society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people) raise its profile nationally and consequently raise more funds.

I first had the privilege of getting involved with Create earlier this year and ever since I’ve wanted to volunteer for a charity – but wasn’t sure what skills I had to offer. Create provided the answer: my aptitude for PR.

My first Create project, “sound:images”

After one short meeting on a cold and dark Thursday night, I already feel confident that this newly formed council of volunteers will be able to do a lot of good and really help the charity achieve its goals.

Watch this space (and hopefully your newspapers!) for more as it develops…