Fright mob: the flash mob with a scary spin

Each year Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger in the UK, with more shops stocking creepy costumes and pushing decoration ideas. This year though, there’s an added twist which might make marketers sit up and take notice; the Fright Mob has been created.

A Fright Mob on the London Underground (Source:

A Fright Mob on the London Underground (Source:

Fright Mobs, according the The Metro, entail:

a collection of zombies, undead pirates and possessed surgeons

…descending on ‘friends’ of your choice to spook, scare and downright terrify in any location that you choose (this could be their gym, the London Underground or even their office).

It’s a great piece of PR by the costume company that’s created the Fright Mob and I’m sure they’ll see their sales go up as a result.

I just wonder how many other brands we’ll see jumping on the Fright Mob bandwagon this Halloween.