Getting creative with some very clever technology

I visited the Event Production show at Olympia yesterday and attended a seminar on using technology to enhance engagement.

The speaker, Anton Chrisodoulou, came armed with lots of great examples but two particularly stood out for me:

The first was the ‘Unbelievable Bus Shelter‘ by Pepsi. This clever stunt truly engaged people using technology and is a fantastic example of bringing a campaign message like “Pepsi Max brings you the Unbelievable” to life.

The second was similar in its production but rather than simply creating an incredible experience for people on the street, BMW used a showroom window in America to transform regular cars into its new i8 hybrid and convey its key environmental messages.

While neither of these ideas would have been easy or cheap to bring to fruition, they’re great reminders of how much we can now do with technology and how a bit of creativity can lead to something really engaging and memorable.