Do big PR stunts still equal big results?

I’m a big fan of PR stunts and always keep an eye out for the best new ideas.

Even in this highly digital day and age, the impact and talkability of big stunts means they’re still, in my opinion, one of the most effective ways of generating lots of coverage.

It seems Blinkbox and the BBC agree…

Blinkbox’s Game of Thrones PR stunt

Last summer, Blinkbox placed a giant (bus-sized!) dragon skull on a beach in Dorset to promote the release of Game of Thrones season 3.



Most of the press photos were unbranded, increasing the chance of them being published in mainstream media, and approximately 250 pieces of press coverage were generated.

It was a huge success in anyone’s book.

BBC’s Doctor Who PR stunt

Earlier this week, the BBC unveiled a very similar stunt by ‘crash landing’ a replica Tardis in central London to promote the new series of Doctor Who.



Not only was the PR stunt incredibly visual and perfect for generating shareable photos (like the one above), the stars of the show were on hand to ramp up the excitement even further and provide even more PR opportunities.

Well done, BBC. I certainly would have wanted to share this photo.

Have you seen any other recent examples that help prove the PR stunt is still a serious contender for raising awareness?


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