Is it ok to poke fun at the Paralympics?

After the BBC did such a wonderful job with their coverage of the London Olympics, I was hugely disappointed to discover that the Paralympics was being broadcast on Channel 4. However, after seeing their inspiring “Meet the Superhumans” advert the week before, I started to believe that the coverage might be ok…


In fact, it’s been pretty great. While it’s no match for the BBC’s 24 channel coverage which allowed you to watch whichever event you wanted, Clare Balding has been a fantastic host and “The Last Leg”, an alternative review of the day’s action, is comedy gold.

With a host who has a prosthetic leg and guests including paralympians and other disabled celebrities, it has succeeded in mixing disability and comedy – a combination which could have very easily been disastrous.

I’m particularly enjoying the regular feature “Is it ok?” where viewers tweet their questions and the panel debate whether the propositions are acceptable. For example,

#isitok to tell a partially sighted Paralympian that their performance was blinding? (from @sallypmoore)

While I doubt the format would have been this succesful outside the bubble of Paralympic fever, I have to applaud Channel 4 for their coverage so far. Thanks for entertaining the nation this past week!