The role of women in technology, PR and business

My Twitter feed pointed me to a fascinating, but somewhat disturbing, article on the New York Times website this morning addressing why there are still so few women in Silicon Valley. I’ve copied a brief excerpt below:

WOMEN now outnumber men at elite colleges, law schools, medical schools and in the overall work force. Yet a stark imbalance of the sexes persists in the high-tech world, where change typically happens at breakneck speed.

We see new developments being announced by the technology industry every day. There are often so many small breakthroughs being made that PR agencies have to fight to win their clients column inches – and many of these battles are fought and won by female PR professionals who not only fully understand the key messages and USPs, but also the technology behind it all.

Since I began my career at a PR agency focussed on raising the profile of technology and B2B companies, I’m still shocked when I hear of any kind of sexism that remains in the tech industry. I’ve worked with some incredibly smart and talented women – and men, of course – and I simply can’t imagine anyone being able to sideline them because of their gender.

Ada Lovelace Day, supported by a vast number of people I’m connected to, is an international day of blogging which recognises the achievements of women in technology and science. Events like this one are doing much to redress the balance where sexism does still rear its ugly head.

Sexism will always be a tricky subject and going by statistics alone can be misleading. It is inevitable that some careers and industries will simply appeal to more men than women, and vice versa. Let’s hope that we continue to see far fewer articles about sexism in any industry in the years to come though.

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