The upside down world of fashion and PR

Working in PR, fashion or journalism, you soon get used to being out of sync with the rest of the world.

The most recent London Fashion Week was a good example. It was all about SS13 when the shops have just transitioned into AW12. Leading the way in the fashion industry is vitally important, but if its your job you have to get used to the seasons being swapped around.


In fashion PR its a similar story. While its important to know what’s going on right now, working with magazines that go to print months in advance of publication means you have to be prepared to write about bikinis in January and boots in June, too.

For a shopping centre PR professional like me it’s not that different – but its all about Christmas. Planning for the festive season began all the way back in February! Just as soon as one is over, it’s on to the next…

So, if you choose to work in an industry with a link to fashion or media, be prepared to switch your seasons and work on the opposite half of each year to everyone else!