Where have all the As, Bs and Os gone? #MissingType

Sometimes a campaign works because it is beautifully simple. Sometimes a campaign works because it is outrageous and brave. And sometimes a campaign works because it is clever, inspiring and makes people really want to be part of it

This week, my interest was piqued by shops ‘losing’ letters from their signs and Twitter users dropping them from their handles. Nando’s became , Mothercare became and many, many others followed suit.

Source: blood.co.uk

Source: blood.co.uk

The national press and everyone on Twitter was talking about it and trying to find out why so many people were getting involved. This, for me, is the sign of a truly great campaign.

Getting people to sit up and take notice in this age of constant interruptions and 24/7 news is difficult, to say the least, and this made people do just that.

The Metro explains a bit more about the thinking behind the campaign:

The lack of letters isn’t down to a national spate of vandalism, rather a pretty good PR campaign by the NHS.

The health service has been removing As, Os and Bs to help raise awareness of National Blood Week.

#MissingType was launched in a bid to replace more than 204,000 donors who cannot give blood any more.

A huge well done to the NHS and the team behind this one. Let’s hope the press and social media interest translates into much-needed new blood donors.


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