How to create content when you have no news

I was recently asked, “If it was your job to create a constant stream of content but your client/company had absolutely nothing ‘new’ to inspire you, what would you do?”



I thought it was a good question but, although it certainly makes life easier when your client is constantly making new discoveries, launching new products and unveiling new technology, if you’re in the content creation business, you can’t let something like a slow news cycle phase you.

My answer was simple; I would reinvent. I would look for original content that was now out-of-date, irrelevant or inaccurate and use these topics as a springboard for new ideas. I would look to the competition to see what they hadn’t written about and where gaps existed. And, if all else failed, I would use some of the fantastic free tools that exist to inspire content writers and bloggers.

Econsultancy recently published a list of ‘17 fantastically useful tools‘ which I have now bookmarked for future use (I recommend you do the same). The list includes a ‘content idea generator’, and ‘readability test tool’ and even a ‘cliché finder’. If you’re ever feeling uninspired, I guarantee one of these will swiftly set you back on the right track.


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