It’s National Hug Day… but does anyone care?

If you follow any brands on Facebook, or listen to the radio as you drive to work, it will be hard to avoid learning about the numerous ‘national days’ that now exist on our calendar.

Today, for example, is ‘National Hug Day’. Unbelievable, but true, and all of these brands are talking about it (click to enlarge the image)

Many people believe that these national days are the shameless creation of marketers who needed a new way to sell more products… but can they still be an effective marketing tool when they are perceived in such a negative way?

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing content that will help you attract new interest and, ultimately, new sales. If the level of engagement on the examples above is anything to go by, these days can certainly be used effectively on social channels. They can work well for PR, too, if you need a way of making your story more topical.

If you start your marketing planning with a content calendar each year, these days are a reliable ‘fillers’ when there’s not a lot going on in your own sector or it’s a quiet time of year generally. Frequency of content – and variety, too – is vitally important and something this lighthearted and fun can reveal your brand’s softer side when shared amongst those ‘product pushing’ posts.

So, the next time you see a brand hopping on the back of a ‘national day’, take a closer look at how they’re using it and whether they have managed to somehow make it their own. If you can find your own angle, it could just be the piece of content that hooks an elusive new customer for you.


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