John Lewis’s recipe for Christmas success

Anticipation for the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert seems to grow each year.

John Lewis has clearly found a formula for success that works time after time:

  1. Create a character that is incredibly loveable (this year, it’s #MontyThePenguin)
  2. Sign up an excellent singer to cover a popular song (you can’t beat The Beatles, right?)
  3. Tug on the heartstrings (snowmen in love, best friends missing Christmas… it’s undeniably good material)
  4. Appeal to your core audience – John Lewis knows that family and friendship are important to their customers so they don’t try to do anything clever, they simply demonstrate that they understand their customers’ values
  5. Throw in as much festivity as you can
  6. Let the hype do the rest

This year’s example follows the format to the letter:

This approach wouldn’t work for all brands, of course, and not every company can produce an advert that fills everyone’s Facebook feed on the day of release, but if you can find a formula that works for your brand and create something that is guaranteed to appeal to your customer, you could have a small slice of the John Lewis Christmas pie.


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