Do you know who’s secretly working together?

Sometimes the best business partners are the ones you’d never have thought would be a good match for your company.

Shopping centres working with zoos, zoos working with jam makers, you’d be surprised how such different businesses can support each other in surprisingly effective ways.

I’ve been utilising some professional relationships recently to add an interesting new element to a large-scale campaign I’ve been organising for intu Lakeside. I won’t reveal too much but I will say that local locations such as Colchester Zoo and the infamous Sugar Hut in Brentwood have given the campaign a real point of difference to anything we’ve done before. Here’s a sneak preview…



While I was working with Colchester Zoo on my project, I also found out that they’ve formed some other unusual partnerships: local preserves producer Tiptree Jam has been providing the zoo’s new Sun Bears with the honey they love so much; the local fire service has also been donating old fire hoses to be turned into balls and tight ropes for the animals to play with!

So, the next time you’ve got a project that could do with an extra twist, why not have a think about the local businesses near you and whether working together could lead to something a bit special?


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