Having an opinion’s not always a bad thing

This is just my own opinion, but lately it seems that people have got scared of having one at all.

Has everyone become so concerned about causing offence or being vilified by the press for saying something surprising that nothing of consequence gets said at all?

Now I’m not suggesting that we all turn into bulshy, dictatorial individuals, but it is refreshing to discover an article every now and then that’s based on a strong opinion that has been thoroughly examined (and, no, it’s not from Clarkson’s column in The Sun).

Source: Emerald Street

Source: Emerald Street

Thankfully, the team behind Stylist magazine’s daily emails, Emerald Street, deliver this kind of surprising content time and time again. This morning’s email was all about Mother’s Day (as you’d expect), but instead of pushing products or suggesting  places to take mum for afternoon tea, they took a stand against mothers being pigeonholed by marketeers into only wanting…

Pink and glitter without much variation

Well done Emerald Street for taking a stand and not being afraid to have a real opinion. I’m looking forward to receiving your  emails more than ever now that I’ve read today’s piece.


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