Hashtag haters

There’s no denying the power of the hashtag. Every brand wants to see theirs trending on Twitter and its a BIG tick in the achievements box if a PR person can make this happen. They’re also, undoubtedly, a great way of following a news story without having to perform multiple searches.
But… has the media claimed the hashtag for its own and what will become of it?
The hashtag was, in my opinion, at its best when it was used to suggest irony or sarcasm in a tweet (like the enduringly popular #firstworldproblems series). Now, though:
  • TV producers have jumped on the bandwagon and promote their own hashtags continuously (Britain’s Got Talent creates new ones for almost all of its acts!)
  • They’re all over billboards…
Source: blog.jabbrag.com

Source: blog.jabbrag.com

  • And media hashtags like #Kisstory and #JeremyKyle compete on a daily basis:
@JustinWilkes: #Kisstory fights to trend on twitter against Jeremy Kyle every day! I see this as a good old fashioned battle between good and evil :o)
So, what does the future hold for the beloved hashtag and which camp are you in – “long live the hashtag” or “hashtag haters”?

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