Top 3 2013 April Fool’s Day PR and marketing stunts

Top 3 2013 April Fool's Day PR and marketing stunts

Last year one of this blog’s most popular posts was about PR and marketing stunts designed specifically for April Fool’s Day 2012.

Yet again, this year delivered some great examples of how to make the most of this annual opportunity. In reverse order, my top three for 2013 are:

3: A clever bit of April 1st social media marketing from women’s fashion brand Warehouse. It was a seemingly innocent ‘spot the difference’ competition on their Facebook page – only there were no differences at all. Simple but effective.

2: Pop group The Saturdays changing their name to The Fridays. I spotted this one via a story on that one of my friends shared on Facebook – it definitely had shareability! A quick Google search revealed absolutely loads of coverage for this brilliant April Fool’s story.

1: Google launching ‘treasure mode’ on its maps. The internet giant posted a spoof video on YouTube explaining how the hidden treasure could be discovered on the maps. Slick, sophisticated and very well thought through.

April Fool’s Day stunts are a great way of showing the world that your company has a sense of humour and they can get you some seriously good PR coverage. Just make sure you don’t kid too many people for too long and make your fans feel like fools. They may never forgive you!


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