The Last Leg on Oscar Pistorius

I’m a big fan of Channel 4 comedy show The Last Leg and wholeheartedly agree with this statement from The Independent yesterday:

It’s unlikely that anyone in British media had a tougher job last week than the creative team behind The Last Leg, Channel 4’s hit comedy chat show.

Originally designed as a daily comedy show that discussed the highs and lows of the London Paralympics in a direct and refreshing way, the team behind The Last Leg simply couldn’t avoid discussing the Oscar Pistorius story in some shape or form during their new series – particularly as they went live on air less than two days after the news about his murder charge broke.



While Ally Fogg’s write-up for The Independent gave the Last Leg team some credit for their ‘sincere and dignified address’ it condemned them for not mentioning Reeva Steenkamp by name and focusing more on ‘her tragedy’. A fair point but I’m on the side of the Channel 4 team on this one.

Not only did they address the issue in a responsible way and refuse to make a joke of the story (which they easily and wrongly could have done), they focused on the part of the story that affected them and their viewers personally – the shock of realising their hero could be the exact opposite of what they believed him to be.

Well done Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, Alex Brooker and the rest of the Last Leg team.


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