Wedding websites: making a million Bridezillas?

I recently got engaged and it’s resulted in a pretty full-on introduction to the world of wedding websites. Not only are there endless amounts of forums where brides-to-be discuss everything and anything to do with weddings, I could spend all day (literally) on Pinterest gathering ‘inspiration’.


Weddings are big business, there’s no doubt about that, but if you’re only planning on getting married once how much value can these companies squeeze out of each bride-to-be during the one (or few) years that she’s planning the wedding? It seems like it would be a difficult market in which you could build customer loyalty and keep people coming back.
That said, recommendations from peers are certainly worth their weight in gold (92% of people say they rely on recommendations from people they know) so if you can get someone talking about you, sharing links to your page and clicking through, one bride-to-be could easily turn into 10.
I can’t imagine how I would have planned my wedding without the internet at my disposal and I know friends who tied the knot a few years ago are gutted they missed out on Pinterest.
I’ll try to avoid getting absorbed by the mania that seems to make brides feel they have to have the sparkliest Jimmy Choo shoes, but no promises…

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