Bodyform Responds and Coke Zero Unlocks the 007 in You

This week has given us two exceptional examples of great PR stunts. My post from earlier in the week about my top three PR stunts of all time may just have to be revised in the wake of these…

First up was Bodyform with a clever, funny and oh-so-memorable social media response video. Not one to take criticism (however cheeky) lying down, Bodyform proved it’s a brand that’s prepared to be brave with this reply to a post on its Facebook wall:

Next came Coke Zero’s PR stunt to promote its involvement with the new 007 movie, Skyfall. We’ve seen train station PR stunts before (T-Mobile’s flash mob was a great example) but this is a stroke of genius. Well done, Coke Zero, for this YouTube video of some commuters winning themselves 007 tickets (and earning you some big new fans in the process, I’d imagine):

All in all, a great week that’s sure to inspire PR people up and down the country.


3 thoughts on “Bodyform Responds and Coke Zero Unlocks the 007 in You

  1. I thought this coke zero advertisement promoting the new 007 movie was so creative! It made me wish I were a contestant in the commercial. The only thing I thought was kind of odd was that no women were contestants (even though I know 007 is a man) at least none that they showed in the commercial.

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for the comment. Good point about the video only featuring men – Coke have obviously thought carefully about their targeting with this one. I’m sure something similar for Diet Coke would have featured lots of women and no men!

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