PR stunts that really work – my top three

PR stunts can be a valuable tool if you need to make a big impact and have a reasonable budget to work with.

A memorable image created by a PR stunt can result in large pieces of coverage in national newspapers and can even be featured on the national news – but with so many brands competing for attention, how do you make sure yours is a hit?

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite three PR stunts of all time which should hopefully spark some ideas and provide some insight into what can be achieved by a well thought out stunt:

#3 – Lakeside’s Living Christmas Fairy

Source: Lakeside Shopping Centre

This was my first big PR stunt for Lakeside and the results were phenomenal. Coverage was achieved in The Times; The Telegraph; The Sun; The Daily Star; Daily Mail; The Metro; Heat; OK!; ITV1’s Daybreak; Heart FM and more. It was also awarded PR Week’s Campaign of the Year accolade!

#2 – BA’s #HomeAdvantage for London 2012


Finding a way to publicly support Team GB as an Olympic sponsor when your main source of income is transporting people away from the UK was always going to be a challenge. But, British Airways found a brilliant way of declaring their support for our London 2012 athletes with this piece of large-scale ‘art’. It’s originality and audacity make it one of my all-time favourite PR stunts.

#1 – Virgin Atlantic’s Mockery of BA’s Troubled London Eye Launch


It takes real guts to poke fun at one of your biggest competitors on a national scale. Sir Richard Branson has made a name for himself as one of the UK’s bravest marketers and this PR stunt is my all-time favourite because it was reactive, gutsy and – above all – so memorable that people still talk about it today.

Seizing an opportunity like BA’s London Eye launch difficulties simply has to be applauded. If you’re brave enough, taking a risk like this one may just pay dividends for years to come.


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