Head of Marketing wanted by G4S

In PR, timing is everything. So why is G4S advertising for a new Head of Marketing now when its recent failings over Olympic security staff are still headline news?

G4S’s failings hit the headlines (Source: Guardian.co.uk)

On the one hand, it could be a very smart move by the security provider since any candidates that apply over the next few days will certainly be up for the big challenges that public relations can throw at you. Either that or they haven’t picked up a paper or watched the news in a while – not a good thing if you’re going to be dealing with the media…

It’ll be interesting to see who ends up in the role and whether they can restore the reputation of G4S. Until then, the company’s HR team can look forward to receiving some interesting CVs in the coming weeks – or they’ll enjoy a very quiet spell indeed if no-one’s up for the challenge.


One thought on “Head of Marketing wanted by G4S

  1. I suspect it’s a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. Not only is that often the case with large organisations, but in the case of G4S it appears to be a particular problem.

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