When news isn’t new…

The excitement currently surrounding the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has had a rather interesting effect on our national news media: suddenly news isn’t necessarily new.

Source: foreignstudents.com

One feature on last night’s ten o’clock news, for instance, led with Prince William talking about Princess Diana and how he’d have loved her to be at his wedding last year. While it was a very sweet and touching item based on a recent interview that William conducted, it wasn’t new news or particularly topical (besides the family link to the impending Jubilee).

With any celebration that’s based on longevity or the passing of time, you’d expect some element of nostalgia – but this summer has inspired a huge amount of it. Shops are full of British-themed items and bunting has made a remarkable comeback (there’s even some hanging in my gym!).

While I’ll definitely be getting into the Jubilee swing of things this weekend, I must admit I am looking forward to getting back to the present day when news is, well, new again…


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