Does anyone want to check-in with you?

While I was enjoying lunch at Nando’s the other day, it occurred to me that it’s one in a small selection of restaurants that people love to check-in at on Facebook.

While you wouldn’t necessary think to check-in at Prezzo or Carluccio’s, there’s just something about Nando’s that makes you want to tell your Facebook friends that you’re there. 

Is it the fact that you know people will be jealous of your plate of chicken or has Nando’s simply created a popular brand that the Facebook generation feels real affinity with? I’d argue that it’s the latter and I doubt my friends will stop checking-in there any time soon.

The question is, how many brands will be able to replicate this success? Is there a limit to the number of check-ins that people want on their news feed and, if so, how do other restaurants get their piece of the pie? Food for thought… (apologies for the puns, I couldn’t resist!)


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