PR jobs: in-house or agency?

I wrote a post on this blog recently that sparked some debate about the differences between in-house and agency roles.

In last’s week’s issue of PR Week, I spotted a quote from Adidas’ Sarah Gower that provided some more insight. She said,

In an agency, you are surrounded by people who believe in PR 100 per cent and even if something goes wrong people will understand why. But when you go in-house, the buck stops with you

Sarah Gower, Head of PR for Adidas. Source: PR Week

I thought this was a great observation and one which I’m sure a number of people fail to recognise. In-house you may be the only PR person, or a member of a small communications team, and the overall understanding of your job and its challenges may be rather different to if you were working for a dedicated PR agency.

That said, the opportunity to educate people about the benefits of PR and make the role your own can be much greater.

Which is a better way to practice PR, working for an agency or in-house, really depends on the kind of PR practitioner you want to be. There are certainly great benefits and disadvantages to both, and sometimes it’s about giving each a go then carving out your own path.


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