Good and bad PR

I’m a firm believer that anyone working in any industry should be aware of what else is happening around them, particularly the best and the worst examples. So, I always look out for PR stunts and campaigns that I think are particularly effective – or particularly ineffective, as those can teach you just as much.

Recently, while listening to the post-BRITs buzz on the radio, I heard about Ed Sheeran receiving a replica BRIT Award made out of some famous toy bricks to celebrate his win with the song “Lego House”.


It may be cynical to view this purely as a PR stunt – it may, in fact, have been a very sweet and generous gesture from a grateful company – but I loved the timeliness and quirkiness of it, and of course it received great press.

Well done, Lego, for seizing this opportunity and capitalising on the big story of the week. Your stunt stole the show, in my opinion.

(If you like things like this, I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Good and Bad PR section of It’s a constant source of entertainment – and it can be very educational, too).


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