The secret to getting in touch with just about any celebrity

I’ve just started using a new online directory called The Red Pages which contains agent, publicist and management details for over 25,000 international celebrities.

As my role at Lakeside means I’m involved in annual events, special projects and celebrity appearances, this kind of database should be invaluable for ensuring the continued involvement of famous faces.

Amusingly, the site’s homepage notified me that the profile for football commentator Andy Gray features the most recently updated contact details. Unsurprisingly, since he’s no longer working with Sky Sports, The Red Pages provides details of three “bookers” for the controversial Mr Gray. I wonder what kind of bookings he’ll be offered in the next few weeks…

While the details for many celebrities’ agents can be found via a simple Google search, I expect this online directory will speed up the process and provide much more accurate information.

I’ll be getting to grips with the site professionally over the next few weeks but for now I’m off to think about the best way to approach the agent of my first crush (the lovely Leo DiCaprio) – for purely personal reasons, of course.


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