Never forget your early PR training

I’ve been creating some training slides over the past few days for a series of “Introduction to PR” sessions that I’ll be running at work. As the presentation has come together, it’s been impossible to ignore the huge influence that my own early PR training has had.

The advice given to me by my Berkeley PR directors in the first stage of my career has obviously stuck – and is as applicable today as it was when I first heard it.

Whilst I’ve added ideas from my own experience and updated sections to include digital PR, the basic thinking behind “What is PR?” and “What makes news?” could almost have been lifted from a 4 year old presentation.

I’m not saying that PR hasn’t moved on at all in the past four years, but when you’re talking about the basics, why re-create the wheel?

Whatever stage of your marketing career you’re in, make sure you listen to as much advice as possible – you’ll be surprised how much stays with you for life.


One thought on “Never forget your early PR training

  1. paulstallard says:

    Good to hear we made a lasting impression Becca. I totally agree with you as well. The channels for getting a story out and the tools available may have changed over the years but the fundamentals of what makes a good story or PR campaign remain the same. If you have a good understanding of that the rest will follow.

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