New year, new news

Now that 2010 is behind us, it seems that no-one wants to look back anymore. While most of December was spent reflecting on the biggest stories from the past 12 months, January’s only interested in things that are new.

It’s been all about change over the past few days. While sale shopping dominated the headlines last week, this week it’s all about the VAT increase. You could hardly avoid it on the news sites yesterday.

Twitter was all the rage in 2010, but Quora is quickly becoming the hottest new social networking site and might just steal Twitter’s crown (and crowd) in 2011.

Celebrity engagements and break-ups have made the headlines daily; new tours and albums have been announced with plenty of hype (how could you miss Lady Gaga’s New Year’s Day news?); and the only story that seems to have crossed over from last month is the sad Joanna Yeates murder investigation.

In a new year, the British media only seem to be interested in that which is genuinely new. It’s logical, to say the least.


One thought on “New year, new news

  1. Saw you mentioned Quora. What do you think of it?

    I’ve put a piece up on my blog about Social Commerce – interested in your views with your retail PR hat on..?

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