How do you use valuable information about your target audience?

Knowing who you’re trying to reach with the creation of marketing materials and messages is vital for success. Crafting these messages without a clear target in mind will usually leave you confused, frustrated and more than just a little discouraged when results don’t meet expectations.

Following a hugely successful celebrity appearance at work a couple of weeks ago, I’ve seen a number of stalls and stores in the centre capitalising on their new-found knowledge of a prime target audience: avid JLS fans. Branded jumpers have been given pride of place in window displays and the band’s 2011 calendars have suddenly been moved to prime spots at the front of shelves.

Once an audience like this has been identified, the sensible and smart thing to do is promote any wares that might be relevant as obviously and prominently as possible. Ignoring this kind of information would be a real waste, so I’m delighted to see that retailers are paying attention, making changes and identifying other opportunities to sell the stock that they now know should be flying off their shelves in the run up to Christmas.


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