Stephen Fry and Twitter give Marketing-and-PR a boost

Stephen Fry’s presence on Twitter, along with his advocacy of the site in its early days, has long been a topic of much discussion in the social media space, as well as in our mainstream media. Coverage of the networking site – and particularly of Mr Fry’s relationship with it – seems to have died down exponentially of late, despite its continued popularity with a wide range of users.

Stephen Fry inadvertently shone the spotlight on this blog on Monday, when its post on writing for the marketing and PR industries was featured in the @stephenfry Daily. The Daily is a collation of news and links that have appeared in an individual’s Twitter feed that they can share with their followers if they sign up for the service.

I must have advertised my post through Twitter at precisely the right time because Stephen Fry (who happens to “follow” my tweets), published his Daily shortly afterwards, including a link to my post and this site:

So thank you, Stephen, for your continued use of Twitter and for sending a few extra readers in this direction!


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