Writing in a way that’s deceptively simple

Many students decide to enter the PR and marketing industries because they simply love to write. It therefore often comes as quite a shock when their reams of cleverly crafted prose get momentously reduced to just half a page which contains only the essential details.

For PRs who are sending news to the media, less definitely means more to the journalists who are bombarded with hundreds of announcements on a daily basis. The marketer’s job is hardly any easier since members of the general public rarely have much more time than the journalists as they battle their way through daily life just trying to find the information that they need.

With attention spans as short as these, there’s simply no space for cleverly crafted analogies or page-spanning metaphors; people just need the details in a digestible format.

So the next time you’re drafting a quick media alert, writing a case study or putting together a brochure, make sure all of the important bits are at the top and keep your creative overdrive under control until you can be sure that it isn’t masking your message.

Paying a professional agency, copywriter or consultant to write for you can often be a challenging experience. They may return just a few paragraphs from countless pages of background information; reduce your company overview to a few brief sentences; rarely use the big and clever words that you think they should know and work with daily. Instead you’ll get impactful, effective and to-the-point writing that simply does its job well (if you pick the right people to work with, of course).

The value of really good marketing writing lies in its deceptive simplicity.

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