BT’s “Adam and Jane” adverts master multi-channel engagement

Watching TV adverts has become a rare occurence for me since the introduction of Sky+, but I happened to be watching a programme live last night so was forced to sit through an ad break for the first time in weeks. Thankfully, I picked a good viewing slot and was treated to the latest installment in BT’s “Adam and Jane” story which has filled our screens since 2005.

For an ad concept to stick around for this long, there must be something about it that really works. In my opinion, it is the human interest angle that ensures we don’t give up on this fictional couple and continue to be interested in their story (and somewhat obsessive use of BT tools and services). BT has recognised that the pull is so strong, it has even invited us to have our say about what should happen next in the series of adverts.

It’s a fantastic way of getting viewers and potential customers to directly engage with the brand (and each other via a community comments board) and feel like they are actually being listened to by a giant organisation. Logging on and casting your vote takes just a few seconds but ensures that you will be eagerly watching out for the next advert from BT. How many other brands can guarantee that their costly adverts will have such an avid audience ready and waiting?

BT has already shown that it knows what it’s doing in the social media space with its @BTCare Twitter profile that has been successfully running for some time now. This latest advert idea simply cements the telecom giant’s understanding of not just online but multi-channel engagement. Well done, BT!

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