Qwitter – a tool that’s useful for marketing or simply masochistic?

I firmly believe that Twitter can be a valuable part of the marketing mix – if it is integrated properly into your PR programme rather than blindly stumbled upon (not pun intended) and slotted in as an after thought. It’s becoming more and more difficult to justify Twitter-reluctance too, when millions of pounds are being made solely via this channel by the big boys like Sony.

Gaining Twitter followers (real ones, we’re not interested in spambots) can be a challenge in the early days; gaining valuable Twitter followers who actually want to read your tweets, expand your online community and eventually engage with you is an ever bigger battle. But we surely all know this by now..?

The new and interesting bit comes from an article by guardian.co.uk’s Rob Fitzpatrick who has analysed a new online service called Qwitter. It kindly – or unkindly, perhaps – informs you which and how many of your Twitter followers have given up on you each day.

While it might seem a touch masochistic to ask to be informed whenever someone loses interest in what you have to say, for PR professionals and marketers it can be a source of very valuable information, giving you an insight into when your content is hitting the spot (very few Twitter Qwitters) and when the message simply isn’t getting through (a high number of dropouts).

Qwitter.com, new and improved

It all needs to be considered in context, of course. Qwitter can tell you specifically which tweeters have decided to unfollow you which means you can judge whether they should have been receptive to your message or not. I would argue that losing irrelevant followers is actually quite a positive thing as it allows you to narrow your focus and ensure that you are reaching out to the right people, in the right way, rather than wasting valuable time.

In truth, I wouldn’t dedicate too much time to the analysis of this information; I’m sure that it’s a rabbit hole that you could get stuck down for weeks. Instead, give it a cursory glance every now and then just to make sure there’s nothing seriously troubling going on so you can concentrate on honing your message and, ultimately, making more money.

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One thought on “Qwitter – a tool that’s useful for marketing or simply masochistic?

  1. Thank you for writing about us! We have now launched our premium service for our members and they love it! Premium Qwitter gives the member more control of how and when they receive their notices. You can follow multiple handles with one account. Premium Qwitter shows you more information about each unfollower AND now we show information about your most recent 50 followers. It is only $4.99 per year (what a steal!). Check us out http://www.useqwitter.com/premium. For the press release with more details go to http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/07/prweb4289884.htm

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