The England football team: a PR challenge and a half

England’s World Cup campaign kicked off last night with an unconvincing 1-1 draw with the USA. There were some flashes of brilliance early on, but far too many mistakes, including a horrifying goalkeeping error from Robert Green which led to the equaliser. (Please read on: marketing-and-pr isn’t turning into a football-crazed blog, don’t panic!)

The nation appeared to be absolutely determined to get behind the national squad yesterday. There were St. George’s flags flying proudly from car windows and a last minute rush to buy “Tailored by Umbro” shirts before kick off. But after questionable results in the warm-up games and a troubling performance last night, how long can British World Cup fever last?

Most level-headed Brits have already resigned themselves to the notion that we’ll be lucky if we get to play a quarter final game. While the kids may still believe that Stevie G. has a hope of lifting that trophy, they may just be the only ones. Call me cynical, but improving public perception of our chances is becoming a bigger challenge with every passing day.

Add to the poor performances on the field countless rumours about affairs off the field, and our chances of regaining a rapport with the squad look more desperate than ever.

We’ll need, then, a PR miracle that will absolutely reverse the public’s feelings about the squad – and there is hope. A good result in these World Cup finals or (do we dare dream?) a win, would surely right the recent wrongs and leave the nation pleasantly abashed for not having more faith in its national team.

Our pride would be restored and our cynicism shelved – at least until Euro 2012…

That leaves me with just three words to say: Come On England!

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2 thoughts on “The England football team: a PR challenge and a half

  1. I’m guessing as a hardened footy fan that you’re in footy heaven at the moment, but what’s your advice and thoughts on companies promoting themselves during the footy, particularly trying to trade off the back of it and the tide of patriotism?

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