What would your social network look like?

If you’ve got even half an ear to the ground, you won’t have failed to hear of the ongoing grumblings about Facebook and its privacy issues. While it doesn’t seem to have affected the site’s overall popularity or dominance in the social networking space, rather ironically its members have formed groups via the network itself protesting about the ongoing issues.

Facebook groups have been formed to protest against ongoing privacy issues

While Facebook still reigns supreme, I’ve been wondering how these ongoing issues might eventually manifest and whether the masses will desert the site. If they do, where will they go? Surely not back to the rather unfashionable MySpace or Bebo…

Twitter continues to win people over but I have serious doubts about whether it has the mainstream appeal to take over from Facebook. If my usage of the two sites is anything to go by, at a very basic level I use Facebook for personal networking and Twitter for professional networking. While there will always be some overlap, the distinction remains reasonably clear for me. For others it may differ hugely.

LinkedIN continues to operate in the background, attracting many professional networkers like myself but also a multitude of recruitment consultants looking to poach staff who have attractive online CVs. There’s no doubt that this can be off putting.

Chatroulette looked like it was going to gain some prominence when it first appeared but its webcam-based conversations seem to have scared too many potential users away since pornography threatens to rear its ugly head at every other click.

So what is the answer? Where would we all go if we chose to abandon Facebook? I’d like to think that there’s a new kind of social network on the horizon, one that combines the best bits from all of the others but also brings us something fresh and new.

My question to you is – which elements of your social networking couldn’t you live without and which would you happily wave goodbye to? Answers on a postcard please – or in the comments section below!

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