Do PRs and marketers need weather forecasting expertise?

Being a PR or marketer in the UK can be tricky, to say the least. Not only do we have the same issues as other professionals in our industry across the world, we also have an extra challenge in the form of the notoriously unreliable British weather.

Topicality is one of the key ingredients of a successful campaign. If your story hits the mark in terms of what people are interested in on that given day, your campaign can reach great heights. If you’re slightly off base though, don’t expect to see much media coverage or many resulting sales.

This weekend the weather in the UK was phenomenal; a balmy 28 degrees without a cloud in the sky. If your client was lucky enough to launch its summer clothing range, a new ice cream flavour or convertible sports car, I’m sure they’re reaping the rewards of great timing already.

Source: Google weather

But this is the UK. The forecast for the coming week is already dampening spirits as we are told to expect rain and swiftly falling temperatures. So how can a PR or marketer guarantee that their summer campaign won’t be forgotten the second the sunshine makes its hasty retreat? Is it all about luck rather than judgement when it comes to British summertime marketing?

Perhaps our PR and marketing industries should team up with some friendly local weather forecasters. Then again, would that really give us any great advantage over the inconstant British weather?

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One thought on “Do PRs and marketers need weather forecasting expertise?

  1. Interesting suggestions.

    There are so many variables involved that one can never cover everything. The best approach is trying to be adequately prepared–and if you need to team with forecasters that makes sense too.

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