Does guest blogging work?

A couple of months ago, a fantastic local copywriter, Ben Locker, offered a selection of other writers the opportunity to support his blog by hosting a series of guest posts. While all of them stuck to the general subject of copywriting, the contributors offered up their thoughts on some unusual and fascinating topics. I’d highly recommend that you head over to the site and have a read for yourself if you’re interested in the subject.

Ben’s exploit got me thinking about how a blog focussing on a specific subject can continue to engage readers week after week, month after month. Company/agency blogs have the advantage of featuring multiple contributors meaning that things remain fresh, interesting and diverse in opinion. I see guest blogging as a real opportunity for individuals who run their own blogs and are looking to add a bit of spice and variety.

There are benefits for both parties. The host of the blog receives some (hopefully) great new content; the contributor receives a valuable web link and new traffic from a relevant site. Both will presumably also benefit from exposure to a new audience as a result of the exchange.

So, even though this blog is still relatively new and is just forging a place for itself, I’m interested in hosting a few guest blogs. The aim is to broaden the site’s readership and offer readers some alternative perspective on marketing and public relations. If you’d be interested in contributing, please leave a comment below this post or get in touch via any of the methods on the contact page.

I’d also be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of guest blogging, particularly if they’d be willing to share any feedback – positive or negative – that they received as a result.

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6 thoughts on “Does guest blogging work?

      • How many marketing and PR agencies do you work with? Perhaps something on their various expectations of copywriters and how this has changed since they’ve become more focussed on digital? Entirely up to you though if you get inspired by something else!

  1. Aw, I’m blushing now…

    Would you like to do a guest blog for us? I’ve got one lined up about words to avoid in press releases, but I’ve not found time to do it yet. So, any topic bar that one would be great!

  2. Interesting Blog Rebecca and I am sure there is a great future for guest blogging. It is often difficult to find new and interesting material with which to write about. In the car leasing industry many blogs are simply copy and pastes of manufacturers updates, which for some is interesting for many probably dull. From my perspective I always think you should express ‘your or your companies view’ even if some of the core content is of a factual nature.

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