Is the PR industry really that cut-throat?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post thanking PR Week and a former colleague, Phil Szomszor, for recommending this blog to their readers. This week another good friend and former colleague, Paul Stallard, lent me his support by posting about new bloggers in the PR space. Here are his kind words:

Becca has just started her own PR and marketing blog and has already featured in PR Week’s best of the technology PR bloggers which I think tells you a lot about the quality of her writing. Having taken a year away from PR to work for a digital agency her posts bring an intelligent view of what is required from both skill sets.

When the topic of the public relations industry comes up in conversation, many people are still quick to declare that it’s not only fiercely competitive but also one of the most cut-throat professions out there. The PR professionals that I’ve met and worked with, however, have completely overthrown this stereotype. They have been willing to direct readers away from their own blogs, share the “link juice” that is so valuable for SEO with a newly established site and offer advice and guidance based on their own experience.

I don’t doubt that some people working in the PR industry are far less generous and reputable than others (surely this is the case in any line of work?) but every now and then it’s good to recognise that not everyone is looking for personal gain by using those around them. Some are just happy to share their knowledge, help others where they can and, ultimately, improve the reputation of PR professionals and bloggers alike.

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